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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Downercrats: Divided, Disgusted, and Dimwitted

The Downercrats have invested their entire party in the hope that the United States will be defeated in Iraq, which, in their minds, means a defeat for President Bush. The Downies won the Congress on this very stand last November - and it continues even today, as things improve in Iraq.

Now, the left is completely lost in trying to get Congress to stop the war in Iraq. They are at their wit's end. And that is a great thing.

Antiwar leaders stymied, frustrated

A well-known antiwar leader has gone public with the transcript of a private conference call that shows peace activists are exasperated with the Democratic congressional leadership and at a loss for a long-term strategy.

The Aug. 29 call highlights divisions in the Democratic Party that Republicans are gearing up to try to exploit as Congress debates its response to the report on Iraq this week by Gen. David H. Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker.


“Right now, we could write the story of this Congress as ‘Profiles in Cowardice,’” Lerner said. “There’s a great deal of frustration with the Democrats in the Congress – a sense almost of betrayal. The Democrats don’t have – and even the people in the antiwar movement don’t have – a coherent alternative worldview from which to base a strategy. That’s why they end up debating everything on the same terms that the Republicans do.”

This is always a good thing when the Left is on the verge of defeat. Perhaps the Downercrat imbeciles in Congress who push their sick ideology can lose Congress next year as the cost of wishing for a defeat in Iraq.

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