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Monday, September 03, 2007

Anti-Bush Asshole Gets His Comeuppance

In the world of morons with Bush Derangement Syndrome - those nutcases who blame George W. Bush for every problem in the world and even more - one of the worst is British asshole Piers Morgan, former editor of The Daily Mirror before he got canned. When President Bush fell off a Segway scooter in 2003, Morgan laughed at him and called him every name in the book, including "idiot" for falling off.

Now, payback is a bitch as Morgan, while riding the same Segway, fell off and broke three ribs.

Idiot! Moron! Asshole!

Ouch! The moment Piers Morgan broke three ribs falling off the Segway he said was 'idiot-proof'

If he didn't believe in karma before, Piers Morgan must surely do now.

The ex-newspaper editor, now a columnist for The Mail on Sunday's Live magazine, took great delight in making fun of President Bush for falling off a Segway - the two-wheeled, motorised, gyroscopically balanced scooter that, its makers promise, will never fall over.

His paper, the Daily Mirror, ran the headline in 2003: "You'd have to be an idiot to fall off, wouldn't you Mr President." It added: "If anyone can make a pig's ear of riding a sophisticated, self-balancing machine like this, Dubya can." So, it seems, can Mr Morgan.

before he was due to make his biggest TV appearance to date, as a judge on the grand final of reality show America's Got Talent.

Quite what he was doing on a Segway - labelled 'the geek machine' by critics - Morgan has yet to explain, but these pictures reveal the moment of the undignified crash.

He can be seen cruising comfortably along the promenade at Santa Monica beach. Inexplicably, his delicate sense of balance fails him. The Segway swerves to the right, mounting the kerb. Morgan's 'toned muscular, tanned, superfit torso' (as he describes it) continues straight along the road but sadly his feet remain planted to the rogue Segway.

The shame here is that Morgan did not fall on his head, as breaking his skull would definitely have had more laughs.

This is just one more piece of evidence that 99% of the people who say that George W. Bush is a moron are stupider than he could ever be.

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