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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Daily Dose of the Losers at The Daily Kos

Are you ready for more liberal psychoses, sheer wackiness, and plain idiocy from the leftwingloonies at The Daily Kos? Because now, after all of their dismissal of the War on Terror, after their anti-Semitic rants and disgusting postings, we found one certifiable whackjob who is so upset that the US government is wasting its time protecting his slimy ass from terrorists that he would rather die than have this done in his name.

That's right - he would rather die.

I would rather die in a terrorist attack

On March 23, 1775 Patrick Henry before the Virginia House of Burgesses made a dramatic argument for a resolution to send Virginia's troop off to fight the British in our country's bid for freedom. He ended the speech with the famous, "I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!".

The Bush Administration has stomped on Patrick Henry's passion for freedom and created an atmosphere of fear through everything they have touched. When the Senate passed the FISA I thought about how many of our 'unalienable Rights' we Americans have given up to this war without end. While our troops are being blown to bits by IED's, our liberties here at home are dying a slow but steady death with each signing statement and each deception perpetrated by the Executive Branch.

I would rather die in a terrorist attack then allow the domestic surveillance of any citizen's email, phone calls, medical records, library usage or financial transactions. The Fourth Amendment of our Constitution is suppose to protect all citizens from warrantless searches and seizures. In a country with 300 million citizens the few that are true terrorists does not justify the use of burglary or coercion with a threat of imprisonment to our bankers and doctors to get one's medical and/or financial records. If someone is suspected of terrorism it shouldn't be hard to get the proper warrants.

I would rather die in a terrorist attack then forsake the Geneva conventions in the name of our nation. To describe these international laws as 'quaint' and say that terrorists are non-combatants lessens ourselves and this nation. Suspected or even real terrorists shouldn't be grabbed off the streets in Italy by CIA operatives and flown to a third country outside any oversight of our legal system or even the Red Cross. Waterboarding should not be an interrogative method used on anyone.

But wait - get ready for this reason "to die":

I would rather die in a terrorist attack then have a CIA operative outed by the Office of the Vice President because her husband wrote an op-ed telling the truth about lies told by President Bush. Lies told to justify the decision already made by the commander-in-chief to invade Iraq. A decision that allowed a true terrorist, Osama bin Ladin, to escape and still be at large today.

Got that? This moron would rather die than have a loser like Valerie Plame and the utter scumbag liar who acts as her husband, namely Joseph Wilson, exposed for the liars that the two of them are.

Here is our advice for any Islamic terrorists out there looking for a good target: this lowlife scumbag who would rather die than be protected from terrorists is just waiting for you to kill them.

Here's to his dying a slow and painful death. And let it begin as quickly as possible.

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