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Monday, August 27, 2007

Congress Hits Record Low Level of Approval; Downercrats Demand More Investigations

The duo of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and their Gang of Imbeciles in control of Congress have driven that body's approval ratings amongst the American people to a low of 18%.

Notice that since President Bush's approval ratings are at 36%, the American (read: leftist) media doesn't mention these silly polls any more. Now that Downercrats are less popular than the clap, the polls just seem less important to the simpleton leftists in the media.

Congress Approval Rating Matches Historical Low; Just 18% approve of job Congress is doing

PRINCETON, NJ -- A new Gallup Poll finds Congress' approval rating the lowest it has been since Gallup first tracked public opinion of Congress with this measure in 1974. Just 18% of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing, while 76% disapprove, according to the August 13-16, 2007, Gallup Poll.

That 18% job approval rating matches the low recorded in March 1992, when a check-bouncing scandal was one of several scandals besetting Congress, leading many states to pass term limits measures for U.S. representatives (which the Supreme Court later declared unconstitutional). Congress had a similarly low 19% approval rating during the energy crisis in the summer of 1979.

Americans' evaluations of the job Congress is doing are usually not that positive -- the vast majority of historical approval ratings have been below 50%. The high point was 84% approval one month after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, when Americans rallied behind the federal government. Since then, Congress' approval ratings have generally exhibited the same downward trajectory seen in those for President George W. Bush. Currently, 32% of Americans approve of the job Bush is doing as president, a far cry from the record-high 90% he received in September 2001. Bush's current job approval rating is just three percentage points above his lowest.

There was a slight interruption in the downward trend in congressional approval ratings at the beginning of this year when party control changed hands from the Republicans to the Democrats following last fall's midterm elections. In January 2007, 35% of Americans approved of Congress, a significant increase from the 21% who approved of Congress in December 2006. That December rating tied the lowest in the 12 years the Republicans controlled Congress from 1995 to 2006.

But that "honeymoon" period for the new Democratically controlled Congress was brief, as its job ratings dropped below 30% in March 2007 and have now fallen below where they were just before the Democrats took over.

How hilarious that Downercrats vow to continue their program of doing nothing legislatively and make sure there are more investigations and hearings.

What happens when the approval ratings for Nancy and Harry go to 15%?

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