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Friday, August 03, 2007

A View from Michael Moore's Socialized Medicine Charade

Michael Moore and Hillary Clinton want to bring "Canadian style" and "British style" national health care to the United States.

Read this story, and realize that if these two get their wish this country is finished.

Woman, 108, must wait 18 months for hearing aid

A 108-year-old woman has been told she must wait at least 18 months before she receives a new hearing aid.

Olive Beal, who has failing eyesight and uses a wheelchair, finds it difficult to hear with her five-year-old analogue aid and needs a digital version that cuts out background noise and makes conversation easier.

Mrs Beal, a former piano teacher who was involved in the suffragette movement, would be 110 by the time she gets her new hearing aid. "I could be dead by then," she said yesterday.

Her family said they had been shocked to be told there was an 18-month waiting list by the Eastern and Coastal Kent Primary Care Trust. A digital hearing aid costs about £1,000 on the open market.

Maria Scott, 52, her granddaughter, said: "After having a hearing test on Wednesday they said, 'yes, she does need a digital hearing aid, but there is an 18-month waiting list'.

Folks, this is what HillaryCare means: waiting lines, and ridiculous rulings like this one. For those who want that garbage, get your ass in a car or plane and head to Canada. Leave the rest of us the fuck alone.

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