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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Evidence of What HillaryCare Will Do to America

It will fuck it up real bad, that's what.

For those who don't remember - or those who try to forget those eight nightmare years called the Clinton administration - HillaryCare was the grandiose program of Der Hillary Clinton, First Lady at the time, who wanted to have the government basically take over all aspects of American health care with a massively bloated socialist scheme. When it was challenged by Americans who do not want Cuba's system in America, the whole scheme fell apart.

Now running for President, Hillary Clinton promises to resurrect HillaryCare. Read this story, and see why 1) she should never be allowed near the White House, even to use the bathroom, and 2) we as a nation are doomed if this plan is ever put into effect.

Doctor Shortage Hurts
A Coverage-for-All Plan

BOSTON -- Tamar Lewis runs a makeshift hair salon out of her one-bedroom apartment in Roxbury, a low-income neighborhood here. She's 24 years old and has been cutting hair since she dropped out of high school in 2002. Until recently, she never had health insurance.

"Good thing I never snipped one of these off," Ms. Lewis jokes, wiggling 10 fingers. Earlier this month, she signed up for state-subsidized insurance under a new Massachusetts law that aspires to universal coverage. The plan costs her $80 a month.

But it takes a lot more than an insurance card to see a doctor in this state.

On the day Ms. Lewis signed up, she said she called more than two dozen primary-care doctors approved by her insurer looking for a checkup. All of them turned her away.

So, now this woman pays $80 a month - for nothing. No doctor will see her for that. And now her primary care doctor is gone, as well.

Socialized medicine - it will be the death of all of us.

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