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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Just a word on the fraud of musical deficients who came out today around the world in the "Live Earth" concerts to highlight "climate change."

First, an apology is due to the rest of the world (except those places that buy into the malarkey of the Climate Nazis): we are sorry that Al Gore couldn't just shut his trap and worry about his drug-addicted retard of a son, and instead spending his time (and wasting ours) inflicting this worthless, selfless waste of hot air called "Live Earth." I watched 10 minutes of it, and thank the Good Lord I did not waste five cents on a ticket anywhere. My condolences to those who did. In the meantime, can we just get off this `climate change' canard and concentrate on making our economies better? We have Downercrats in this country poised to jack up all our taxes and destroy the roaring economy we have had since Bush cut taxes. We don't need Al Gore and his gang of human doofuses to tell us how to live or, for that matter, what to do that will muck up the planet. The planet is in danger? It has been here for 10 zillion years before us and will so be 10 zillion years after we are gone. How elitist and rude to tell us that `time is running out.' One only wishes time were up for liberalism, the scourge of the human race everywhere. Don't believe me? When someone tells me that my "carbon footprint" is a danger to the world at the same time that they jet around the planet in a private jet that burns tons of fuel, I would like to tell them one thing: drop the fuck dead. And now.

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