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Saturday, July 28, 2007

This Just In: Britain Blames Bush for Not Getting Bin Laden - Back in 1998

According to the liberals, George W. Bush is to blame for everything bad that happens. Floods in England? Bush's fault. Hurricane Katrina? Bush's fault - or he caused it. 9/11? Bush's fault - or he was behind it.

Now, a new charge: the British wanted to get bin Laden, and could have gotten him, but the US government refused to promise it would not torture him if he was captured.

So, what's the deal behind this? Because it happened it 1998.

For those of you who are not liberals, with an IQ in double digits, George W. Bush was not President until January 2001 - which means he had nothing to do with this story from 1998. Who was President then? Could his name now be synonymous with a blowjob and a cigar shoved up a woman's private parts? The one whose God-ugly wife wants to be President next year?

UK wanted US to rule out Bin Laden torture

Ministers insisted that British secret agents would only be allowed to pass intelligence to the CIA to help it capture Osama bin Laden if the agency promised he would not be tortured, it has emerged.

MI6 believed it was close to finding the al-Qaida leader in Afghanistan in 1998, and again the next year. The plan was for MI6 to hand the CIA vital information about Bin Laden. Ministers including Robin Cook, the then foreign secretary, gave their approval on condition that the CIA gave assurances he would be treated humanely. The plot is revealed in a 75-page report by parliament's intelligence and security committee on rendition, the practice of flying detainees to places where they may be tortured.

So, the British could have gotten bin Laden. Now check out the rest of the story:

The report criticises the Bush administration's approval of practices which would be illegal if carried out by British agents. It shows that in 1998, the year Bin Laden was indicted in the US, Britain insisted that the policy of treating prisoners humanely should include him. But the CIA never gave the assurances.

"In 1998, SIS [MI6] believed that it might be able to obtain actionable intelligence that might enable the CIA to capture Osama bin Laden," the committee says in its report. It adds: "Given that this might have resulted in him being rendered from Afghanistan to the US, SIS sought ministerial approval. This was given provided that the CIA gave assurances regarding humane treatment." British intelligence made a similar request in 1999, and obtained the same response from Whitehall, but in the event MI6 did not provide the information.

There you have it - George W. Bush is to blame for the Clinton administration in 1998 refusing to rule out torturing bin Laden.

Only liberals can come up with shit like this, and do it with a straight face.

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