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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Muslim Terrorist Gets Burned in Prison - Let's Get Out the Hankies!

Are you ready to cry? Because poor, poor Muslim terrorist Dhiren Barot, imprisoned in England because he was filming potential terrorist sites in the United States, has been attacked and burned in prison. Who did it? Who cares! This is good punishment for a piece of refuse.

Here is what this subhuman was involved in:

Dhiren Barot: India-born jihadi in 9/11 net

WASHINGTON: Abu Musa al-Hindi, one of the principle terror suspects charged with plotting to attack US financial institutions, has been identified as India-born Dhiren Barot.

British police on Tuesday charged Barot, 32, of gathering surveillance plans of financial institutions in New York and Washington, with a view to attacking them.

Barot and seven others are due to make a first court appearance Wednesday at Belmarsh high security prison in London, according to wire service reports. AP quoted an unnamed US official as identifying Abu Musa al-Hindi as Dhiren Barot.

According to earlier reports, Barot was born into a Hindu family in India and converted to Islam when he was 20. He took part in terrorist campaigns against Indian forces in Kashmir and is said to have been the main casing agent for al-Qaeda.

So, are you upset? Crying? Just lost your lunch laughing? Then check out this story from the BBC, courtesy of YouTube.


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