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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Boss Hugo: The Rape of Venezuela Continues

The Left believes that Hugo Chavez is the answer for the world's problems - after all, they reason in their peanut brains, he is a socialist, and he hates George W. Bush and the United States, which is what the Left is all about. When he closes down a television station, they stand behind him because a free press is good only when it supports what the Left wants.

So, notice the dearth of reaction to the story that as Chavez continues to rape Venezuela and take control of everything in that country, its debt continues to rise. Billions stolen, and while poverty rises more and more, Chavez is spending tons of money on arms and aiding Iran and Cuba.

Can we all spell "revolution"? Because it will come sooner or later to Boss Hugo's oncoming financial disaster.


What happened? What did Chavez do with the unprecedented wealth that came to Venezuela under his stewardship?

Part of the answer lies in the fact that Venezuela leads Latin America in capital flight. Over the last eight years, Venezuelans have transferred something like $70 billion to foreign (mostly American) banks. Chavez has also spent billions helping Cuba and distributing free or cut-price oil in several countries (including some U.S. areas). During his visit to Iran last week, he extended that generosity to the Islamic Republic by promising to supply cut-price gasoline to meet a shortage that has already caused riots throughout the country.

It's clear that, somewhere along his trajectory, Chavez decided to cast himself in the role of a "fighter against Yankee Imperialism." With that decision made, all other considerations became secondary. The elimination of poverty could wait for another day. As for Bolivar's philosophy, it could be twisted to suit the new "heroic discourse."

To be sure, Chavez has set up something he calls a "Bolivarian alliance" in Latin America. But the regimes he has managed to attract - Cuba, Nicaragua and Bolivia - are more anachronistic communist set-ups than Bolivarian constructs. (Indeed, the Islamic Republic has now joined the "Bolivarian" alliance - added proof that the exercise is more motivated by anti-Americanism than by genuine Bolivarian values.)

In his visit to the Islamic Republic, his sixth in eight years, Chavez set aside his Bolivarian flag. He went on Khomeini's tomb to pray for the bloodthirsty theocrat, under whose rule more than 1.5 million Iranians died in war and government repression. Chavez described the Khomeinist system as "political spirituality" and a model for mankind as a whole. He was especially enthusiastic in his praise of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who seems determined to push the Middle East into a new period of conflict.

Read all of this before it vanishes. It shows just what the American Left supports, to the hilt.

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