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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Harry Reid: Dumber Than a Sack of Hair

That Harry Reid (Dumbass-NV) is the leader of the Dumbercrats in the US Senate is not a surprise. That he is the Majority Leader is not a surprise, either.

That Harry Reid is not labeled as being as stupid as a tree (forgiveness from the tree) is what is surprising.

Listen to this crappola, and then realize why being a Downercrat means being a Dumbercrat.

Senate headed for new clash over ethics

As Congress returns from its July 4th recess, Democratic leaders are expected to try to jumpstart negotiations on a stalled lobbying reform and ethics package.

And they are expected to run into opposition from Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), who dealt the Democrats a stinging defeat prior to the July 4th recess with a procedural move that split the Democratic caucus.

DeMint backs one of the key reforms the Democrats have promised -- a requirement that members disclose which earmarks they seek and certify that they have no financial interest linked to them.

In fact, he backs it so strongly that he is insisting that the House have no opportunity to alter it in conference, a demand the Democratic leadership calls a smokescreen for an attempt to derail the entire ethics reform project.

The potential impasse could delay action further and threaten passage of one of the Democrats' most important campaign promises.

Behind the scenes, it’s clear many senators are unhappy with a separate proposed requirement that lobbyists disclose how much money they bundle in campaign donations for incumbents and candidates.

Some lobbyists privately warn that they may limit their fundraising roles under such scrutiny.

Given the Abramoff scandal, publicly opposing those new bundling rules could prompt a costly political backlash for any senator.

So “it’s a pretty good bet there are members on both sides of the aisle who are thrilled” at DeMint’s decision to block creation of a conference committee to hammer out final language for the reform, said Meredith McGehee, an official at the Campaign Finance Institute, a nonpartisan group pushing for lobbying reform.

DeMint says he supports the lobbying reform provisions in the package. But he isn’t likely to budge until he gets a promise from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that the new Senate rules on earmarks won’t be watered down or deleted from the final bill.

The earmark provision is a change in Senate rules, which DeMint argues shouldn’t be part of any conference committee with the House.

“The House has no reason to tinker with Senate rules,” said Wesley Denton, DeMint's spokesman. “The only reason to want to put them in conference is because they intend to change them.”

Jim Manley, Reid’s spokesman, calls those assertions “phony as a two-dollar bill.”

Uh, Mr. Manley: Need one remind you of this?

What an asshole.

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