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Sunday, July 01, 2007

It's Time for...If Muslims Could Write the News!

In the world of Islam, control over everything is important - democracy and independent thinking are basically illegal, and if anyone wants them they get beheaded rather quickly. So, in this vein, we imagine if Muslims wrote the news, especially the news that has been happening the last few days...and present this story of outrage:

Innocent Muslims Tortured in England by Crusader Forces!

London (via Muslim News Service) - Today, Muslims in England are under more racism from Crusader and Zionist forces. Several innocent Muslims have been targeted by British authorities for crimes that only the Jewish Zionist entity could have set up: car bombs in London and an SUV crashing into the airport in Scotland.

We have a photo of one of these innocent Muslims being tortured - witnesses at the Glasgow Airport tell the Muslim News Service that after the SUV crashed, British police looked into the crowd for a Muslim man to blame the attack on, poured petrol over him, and set him afire

This is an outrage! One witness, Halam al-Sinder, told the Muslim News Service, "I saw them looking for Muslims to blame this on. One police man said, `Get me a Muslim, and let's light him afire.' I know that they don't want to blame Jews for this because the new British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, is a Jew. And because British troops are killing Muslims by the thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan."

This publication is calling on Muslims everywhere to rise up and protest these actions and the arrests of innocent Muslims. And if this does not work, they should blow some cars up in London.

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