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Monday, July 02, 2007

The BBC Polls and Finds "Scepticism" Over the Fraud of "Global Warming"

If you watch the BBC News program every day, or even regularly, you will see stories done which state with certainty that "climate change" exists, and those who don't think that it does are 1) stupid, and 2) nuts.

So imagine the shock at the Beeb when a poll showed that 56% of the British public has not bought their malarkey, and believe that those scientists and others who push the issue are doing it for...wait for!

Hey - the British people are smarter than we thought!

'Scepticism' over climate claims

The public believes the effects of global warming on the climate are not as bad as politicians and scientists claim, a poll has suggested.

The Ipsos Mori poll of 2,032 adults - interviewed between 14 and 20 June - found 56% believed scientists were still questioning climate change.

There was a feeling the problem was exaggerated to make money, it found.

The Royal Society said most climate scientists believed humans were having an "unprecedented" effect on climate.

The survey suggested that terrorism, graffiti, crime and dog mess were all of more concern than climate change.

Ipsos Mori's head of environmental research, Phil Downing, said the research showed there was "still a lot to do" in encouraging "low-carbon lifestyles".

"We are alive to climate change and very few people actually reject out of hand the idea the climate is changing or that humans have had at least some part to play in this," he added.

"However, a significant number have many doubts about exactly how serious it really is and believe it has been over hyped."

People had been influenced by counter arguments, he said.

Royal Society vice-president Sir David Read said: "People should not be misled by those that exploit the complexity of the issue, seeking to distort the science and deny the seriousness of the potential consequences of climate change.

"The science very clearly points towards the need for us all - nations, businesses and individuals - to do as much as possible, as soon as possible to avoid the worst consequences of a changing climate."

Holy stinking shit - people were influenced by "counter arguments." That means in liberalspeak that people don't buy the lying crap of the Climate Nazis.

This is wonderful news. Maybe the threat from those who want the world to shut down to "fix" the fraud of "climate change" is more hot air than anything else.

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