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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Top British Scientist Says Biofuels Are a Scam

Imagine if one of the leading scientists in the United States blew the lid off the scam that is biofuels - that he said that the whole thing was a scam. The liberal media, covering for the Climate Nazis, would dismiss him as a shill of the Bush administration.

But, wait! The person saying this is a shill of the Blair government in England, and they are one of the worst of the Climate Nazis. How to account for this? A bad hair day? Pickles in the lettuce? What could have gone wrong for this man to have told...the truth?

Top scientist says biofuels are scam

THE government’s policy of promoting biofuels for transport will come under harsh attack this week from one of its senior science advisers.

Roland Clift will tell a seminar of the Royal Academy of Engineering that the plan to promote bioethanol and biodiesel produced from plants is a “scam”.

Clift, professor of environmental technology at Surrey University, sits on the scientific advisory council of Defra, David Miliband’s environment department.

He will tell the seminar that promoting the use of biofuels is likely to increase greenhouse gas emissions.

Clift’s comments will amount to a direct challenge to Miliband, who has published a strategy promoting biofuels. It coincides with a surge of anger among environmentalists over the weak pledges on climate change that emerged from last week’s G8 summit.

The audience on Thursday will also include Howard Dalton, Miliband’s chief scientist at Defra, who is expected to speak in defence of biofuels.

Clift said: “Biodiesel is a complete scam because in the tropics the growing demand is causing forests to be burnt to make way for palm oil and similar crops.

“We calculate that the land will need to grow biodiesel crops for 70-300 years to compensate for the CO2 emitted in forest destruction.”

Clift will also condemn plans to produce British biodiesel from rapeseed, pointing to research showing the crop generates copious amounts of nitrous oxide – an even more powerful global warming gas than CO2 The attack comes as the government increases its support for biofuels. Next year it will introduce a requirement for 3% of all fuel sold on UK forecourts to come from a renewable source.

One day, hopefully soon, the whole world will crash down on the Climate Nazis, showing that their program for destroying the world's economies based on fraudulent science is a complete lie. And how nice it will be if that happens sooner rather than later. But it will happen.

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