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Friday, June 01, 2007

SF Chronicle Editor Resigns; Says "Deep Cuts" Are Coming

The editor of the San Francisco Chronicle has resigned, effective today, saying that "deep cuts" have to happen to keep the paper afloat.

Remember that the SF Chronicle is chronically spouting a pro-socialist, anti-capitalist line. So, how come they are surprised that capitalism is doing them in?

SF Chronicle Managing Editor Resigns, Paper Bracing for Deep Cuts

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- The San Francisco Chronicle's managing editor is stepping down as the Hearst Corp.-owned newspaper braces for a round of deep editorial job cuts.

Robert Rosenthal, who joined the Chronicle five years ago, said in a note to staff Tuesday that he is leaving the paper "without rancor or acrimony." He does not have another job lined up, but wants to "help another organization grow and another group of talented people find success."

Rosenthal, who leaves his post on Friday, said Wednesday that his departure was not prompted by any personal conflicts, but rather was intended to give Editor Phil Bronstein a freer hand in making the painful restructuring changes to the newsroom.

"I really want to be in a situation where I can build something rather than take it apart," Rosenthal said. "It might be a newspaper or it might be a new kind of news organization. I think it's time where the skills we have as journalists can be applied in a different way. The business model for newspapers is clearly broken."


Rosenthal's departure comes two weeks after the Chronicle announced a 25 percent reduction in newsroom staff, affecting all levels of editorial employees.

Management told the union it plans to eliminate 80 union and 20 management positions, out of a newsroom staff of about 400, unless the cuts could be made through buyouts and retirement incentives within 30 days.

Publisher Frank Vega said the measure was part of "continuing belt-tightening" to stem financial losses at the paper, which like other newspapers across the country is grappling with plunging print readership and the loss of advertising dollars to the Web.

Down, down, down they go. And a nicer set of scumbags couldn't be hit any harder.

Then again, there are a nicer set of scumbags. They work at The New York Times.

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