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Sunday, June 03, 2007

The NY Times Critiques a Fred Thompson Presidential Run - By Looking at His Acting Career

When Hillary Clinton opens her mouth, especially in a different accent, she is hailed as a strong woman. Bananarama is called "brave" for his bullshit stands on nothing. Little Johnny Downwards is not laughed at for calling attention to poverty as he lives in a multi-million dollar home.

But when Fred Thompson, former US Senator, thinks of running for President, what do the liberals fixate on? His acting career, that's what. His stands on the issues? Who cares!

In Casting for President, Will Actor Rate a Callback?

The 2008 Republican nomination is turning into a Dick Wolf production — politics ripped from TV Guide. The casting is once again upside down. Rudy Giuliani for front-runner? Maybe. But the Fred Thompson of “Law & Order” fame is better suited as chief of staff.

Mr. Thompson, a former senator from Tennessee, had a solidly conservative voting record in Washington, but most Americans know him best as the fictional Manhattan district attorney Arthur Branch. Arthur is not so much an inspiring leader as he is a crafty consigliere: a bluntly pragmatic D.A. who has colorfully phrased views and a wily ability to bend them — and those of his staff — to meet the political needs of his office.

Arthur is a conservative, wears a flag pin in his lapel and is particularly deft at pressing Assistant D.A. Jack McCoy to ask for the death penalty. “It’s not just you, Jack,” he says in his bourbon-and-branch-water drawl. “It’s the law.” (In that particular TNT rerun, he held up a copy of a book titled “Penal Code,” to make his point.)

Now that he is creating a committee to raise money from contributors unhappy with the existing field of candidates, Mr. Thompson can apply his powers of persuasion in a different way. It’s not just you, Rudy, it’s the “Law & Order.”

There's the story, folks: Fred Thompson should be examined based on a character he played on "Law and Order."

And liberals always wonder why no one takes them seriously. Here is another example why.

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