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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

How Palestinian Rockets Work

Here is a lovely story about how simply built the rockets used by Palestinians against Israeli civilians are. How nice, eh? Palestinian technology – not for the betterment of mankind, but used to kill people.

Calling Palestinians “subhuman” appears to be a slur against subhumans.

How Kassam rockets work

If you've been watching the news, you know that Israel is under attack once again. This time, the weapon of choice comes from the skies. It is called the Kassam (or Qassam) rocket, and dozens of them have been landing in Israel.

In America we have a certain mental image that appears whenever we hear the word "rocket." We tend to think of something big, complex and expensive. We get that impression because we are used to seeing huge moon rockets or billion-dollar space shuttles flying precisely into orbit under the control of thousands of technicians.

The Palestinian Kassam rocket is just the opposite. It is small, simple and cheap. The idea is to create an easily manufactured, inexpensive terror weapon that one or two people can launch from almost anywhere.

How can Palestinians manufacture rockets in their basements? The key is to think small and to use everyday items wherever possible. Therefore, a Kassam rocket starts with a simple iron tube. In other words, you start with a piece of pipe. In a Kassam rocket, the pipe is usually about 6 feet long and 6 or 7 inches in diameter. At one end of the piece of pipe you weld on four simple fins made of sheet metal. The sheet metal can come from anywhere - an old car fender will do.

Here is an interesting idea - someone should try it out and see if it works.

Since these rockets are so easy to make, and since the world could give a rat's shit that the subhuman Palestinians continue to rain down these death rockets on innocent people, here is what Israelis should do: build their own rockets and launch them on Palestinian territory.

You heard us. Everytime a rocket comes out of the Palestinian areas (called "stys"), Israelis should fire five rockets against the Pallies. And load them up with rocks, and glass, and explosives, and nails, and other weaponry.

Now, imagine: the Palestinian scum launch one of their rockets. Instead of nothing happening, five rockets rain down on them and their twisted demented people. People will get hurt - heck, many might get killed. And the world's media will get their panties in a twist and yell, "Hey! What is Israel doing to those poor people?"

But, who cares what the world thinks, anyway?

Perhaps when the subhuman Palestinians see rockets continually rain down on them, they will either continue and get more of the same, or call a halt to their sick little game. But, either way, this is something that would get their attention.

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