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Monday, June 11, 2007

Denver, Colorado, Run by Climate Nazis!

The city of Denver, Colorado, has been taken over by the most extreme Climate Nazis in America. And they are fully prepared to fine everyone to death to stop "global warming" and destroy Colorado's economy while doing so.

Fucking liberals.

Denver targets global warming

Denver is gearing up to fight global warming, and residents may soon be asked to make personal sacrifices to help save the planet.

The new plan is aimed at making Denver a national leader in reducing gas emissions that have been linked to global warming, giving a major push to alternative energy, stepping up recycling and changing building codes to encourage energy conservation.

But the proposal also contains some ideas that may be unpopular, such as penalizing heavy users of electricity and natural gas and basing auto insurance premiums on the number of miles traveled.

The ambitious goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 4.4 million metric tons by 2020, the equivalent of eliminating two small coal-fired power plants or taking 500,000 cars off the road.

Mayor John Hickenlooper has made the "climate action plan" a centerpiece of his second term in office. More than two dozen people from business and community groups met for several months with city staff to hammer out the plan. Many of them fear Colorado will be slammed hard by global warming, with more droughts and forest fires.

"There was a sense we have to be bold," said Beth Conover, director of Greenprint Denver, the city office that coordinated the plan. "What's the cost of inaction to our water supply and tourism industry?"

Now, listen to this pathetic crap from the illiterate left:

Recycling plays a crucial role in Denver's plan. It would join other Colorado cities that already have moved to aggressively to foster recycling.

Fort Collins, for one, has set an ambitious goal of diverting 50 percent of its waste from landfills. As part of the effort, the city recently banned throwing away old computers, TVs, cell phones and other electrical items, requiring that they be recycled instead.

Fort Collins also has mandated that people who leave extra bags of trash for pickup be charged by the bag.

"The most remarkable difference is that you used to see people with 15 bags of lawn clippings on the street; you don't see that anymore," said Susie Gordon, senior environmental planner for the city.

Here is how to get rid of 15 bags of clippings: dump them somewhere in a forest, or by the side of the road.

Liberals, in their rush to be do-gooders, don't realize that people will become criminals to adhere to their ridiculous rules. And then liberals think they are getting somewhere with this kind of crap.

They are: destroying the American way of life. But do they care? Of course not. Because liberalism by its own definition destroys life.

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