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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Congress' Approval Rating Drops Further; Liberal Media Highlights President Bush's Numbers

As we have said for some time, when President Bush's job approval ratings sink, the media is all over the story like flies on dog shit. News? Of course not - because President Bush is not running for office again.

But when polls show the Downie-controlled Congress getting more and more unpopular each passing day, what does the media talk about? Of course - President Bush's approval ratings.

You can't make this stuff up.

Congressional Job Approval Dips Again This Month

The honeymoon phase is over for the new Congress, as the public's ratings of Congress are down again this month. The latest congressional job approval rating (24%) is the lowest for the institution since Democrats took control of both houses in January, and is far below the 37% registered in February. The decline has been most evident among Democrats, whose ratings of Congress now match those of Republicans. Congressional job approval ratings are typically not positive, but ratings as low as the current one are uncommon. The poll also finds that only about one in four Americans say they are satisfied with the way things are going in this country, little changed since last month but still at its lowest point in over a decade.

According to the June 11-14, 2007, survey, 24% of Americans approve and 71% disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job. Congressional approval is down five points since last month and more than 10 points from the higher support levels in January and February following the Democratic takeover. The current 24% rating is similar to the poor ratings Congress received last year, with Americans essentially voting to take control of Congress away from the Republicans in November.

So, the big story is that the Downies in Congress, having done squat shit and crap since taking control in January, are as popular as diarrhea. And the media won't tell you this, because - ulp! - you might think that they are doing nothing. Can't have any of that now, can we?

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