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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Membership in Pro-Terror Islamic Group Plummets; Media Shocked

The membership for CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, soon to be renamed "America Surrender to Islam," is going down faster than Harry Reid's popularity ratings. That could be because CAIR stands for the most pro-terrorist, anti-American and pro-Islamic extremist ideology. They should not be out hawking their sickness - they should be in jail or deported.

CAIR membership plummets

Membership in the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has declined more than 90 percent since the 2001 terrorist attacks, Audrey Hudson will report in Tuesday's editions of The Washington Times.

According to tax documents obtained by The Times, the number of reported members spiraled down from more than 29,000 in 2000 to less than 1,700 in 2006, a loss of membership that caused the Muslim rights group's annual income from dues to drop from $732,765 in 2000, when yearly dues cost $25, to $58,750 last year, when the group charged $35.

The organization instead is relying on about two dozen individual donors a year to contribute the majority of the money for CAIR's budget, which reached nearly $3 million last year.

Asked about the decline, Parvez Ahmed, CAIR board chairman, pointed to the number of individual donors to the organization.

"We are proud that our grass-roots support in the American Muslim community has allowed CAIR to grow from having eight chapters and offices in 2001 to having 33 today," Mr. Ahmed said.

So, where can an organization raise less money yet continue to open offices? Can anyone say "Foreign Islamic Terror Money"?

And the American media did not even bother to report this, except Fox News. Because the liberals love to show off CAIR as some "civil liberties organization" and give them an opportunity to tell everyone how poor Muslims in America are having their rights taken away by the evil Bush administration. To show that CAIR is a front group for terrorists, and that their membership in the US is drying up, cuts the liberal argument to pieces.

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