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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hillary Clinton Names Alcee Hastings as National Co-Chair...Do the Clintons Have a Fetish for Impeachment?

Senator Hillary Clinton (Delusional-NY) has named Rep. Alcee Hastings as her national co-chair.

Clinton Names Florida Reps. Wasserman Schultz, Hastings National Campaign Co-Chairs

The Clinton Campaign today announced that Florida Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Congressman Alcee Hastings have been named national Campaign Co-Chairs.

"We need a leader with a clear vision and sound judgment, who can work with a Democratic Congress to renew the promise of America. Hillary is that leader," Rep. Wasserman Schultz said.

Rep. Hastings said, "When we elect the next President Clinton, this country will be a much better place for the African-American community, Floridians and all Americans."

Both Reps. Wasserman Schultz and Hastings serve in the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives, and Hastings is the Vice Chair of Florida’s congressional delegation.

"I am delighted that Debbie and Alcee will take on leadership roles in my campaign," Clinton said. "With their help, we will bring our message of change throughout Florida and across the country."

How nice! Picking such a distinguished man for your national co-chair!

But...wait! Just who is Alcee Hastings? Well, he is a former judge, named to the federal bench by Jimmy Carter (figures), who was caught taking bribes and was impeached and removed from office.

Hmmm...haven't we heard that word before? Impeach? Impeachment?

That's right! Bill Clinton was impeached!

So, what's up here? Do the Clintons have some "impeachment" fetish - or do they all congregate around impeached felons?

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