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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Al Gore Exposed: In 1992 Speech, Future Vice President and Scumbag Says That Iraq is a Terrorist Threat

Imagine for a moment that we had Rudy Guiliani, or President Bush, making a speech several years ago in which they said something completely different than what they are saying now - the media would pounce and show the old video time after time, and ask about the hypocrisy.

Now, someone has found a speech done by Al Gore, then the Downie VP candidate, in September 1992, in which he denounces President George H.W. Bush for not confronting Iraq, which Gore slams as a "terrorist" state.

And today? Gore and his fellow Downies say that there is no terrorism, and that Iraq was not a threat.

And where does this play? CNN? MSNBC? Of course not. It is on Youtube.

This is why the liberal media outlets in this country and around the world (the BBC, for instance) cannot be trusted - because they only tell part of the story, and usually it is a part that does not make their fellow liberals look bad.

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