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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tax Drivers in Houston Get Background Checks and Photographs

The Houston Airport Commission has finally made it part of the law requiring that all taxi drivers who use the airport must submit to background checks and be photographed, and that the photos be on display in the cabs.

Good stuff, right? After all, it is now nearly six years after 9/11.

But that is not good enough for the cabbies. To them it is "unconstitutional" to do background checks on them. It is "unconstitutional" for them to have photographs taken and displayed in the cabs.

Well, I just checked my copy of the US Constitution, and no where does it say that these things are not allowed. Perhaps in the Muslim version it does, because you need to take notice of who is making noise about these common-sense approaches to security:

Houston taxi drivers protest security rules

Frustrated local taxi drivers descended on City Hall today, protesting security requirements at Houston's airports that they say threaten their business.

A few hundred drivers, toting handmade signs and chanting demands for "justice," marched around the reflecting pool at 901 Bagby, before filing inside with plans to vent their concerns in front of City Council.

The group's chief issue, leaders said, is a recent requirement that drivers picking up passengers at Bush Intercontinental and Hobby airports have new photo identification badges.

"It violates the constitutional rights of the cab drivers in that in enacts a very, very strenuous background check," said Deric Muhammad of the local Ministry of Justice for the Million More Movement, a group helping represent the drivers. "Many of them are being put out of business and not being allowed to work at the airport system for something they may have done in the past."

Airport officials say everyone else doing business in their facilities is required to wear a badge and undergo criminal background checks.

"We believe that security is something everyone needs to be focused on in this day and age," said Mark Mancuso, a deputy director at the city's Aviation Department.

Yep, that "Million More" Movement (more like a Bowel Movement) sure turned up a lot of people, when a few hundred showed.

Here's the story for these pieces of shit: you are in OUR country - you will submit to OUR rules. Either submit to a background check, and have a photo taken and placed in your cab, or GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR COUNTRY.

Fucking Muslims.

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