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Thursday, May 31, 2007

She's Back! Super Nutty Fruitcake Cynthia McKinney! And this Time, She's Running for PRESIDENT!

Cynthia McKinney, the black anti-Semite psycho loon fruitcake liberal asshole jerkoff nutbag nutcase imbecile (okay - enough slurs against the mentally ill by linking them to her) who was thrown out of Congress twice for being a nut even by her own nutty supporters, is considering - get ready to laugh - a run for President on a third party ticket in 2008.

Are the American Nazis still in business? Do they allow nuts with .00000000001% support on the ballot anymore?

Here is a post from one of her supporters - maybe they can hold a convention for her in a phone booth. It would certainly be enough room for all of the people who would back her:

Our 44th President

Fred Thompson is so three hours ago. Via Ballot Access News comes new info about former Rep. Cynthia McKinney, last seen punching a Capitol Hill cop and then losing re-election.


Please note that she includes "impeachment of the president" among her potential campaign planks -- sure to be a pressing issue when the next election's over and Bush is no longer president.

UPDATE: I found the question and answer from the 5/25/07 episode of Free Speech Radio News. McKinney is asked about her Wikipedia entry and how it lists her as a possible 2008 candidate.

You know, I have on my kitchen table, I have a button that was printed in 2000. And it was printed by the Green Party, they were talking about me running as a Green. So I have had a very long relationship with the Green Party. And I think, honestly, with the failure of the Democratic majority in Congress to repeal the PATRIOT Act, to repeal the Secret Evidence Act, to repeal the Military Tribunals Act, to not institute immediately actions of impeachment against this illegitimate, illegal and immoral administration, stop the war, I have to seriously question my relationship with the Democratic Party. I know that the very learned listeners of WBAI have long been interested in how to have a truly independent voice. I understand now that with the current Democratic majority in Congress that's not possible.

Someone should lock this woman up. How such a dimwitted assclown merged with anti-Semitic Nazism into one psychotic looneytune is anyone's guess.

But never forget - she was and still is a Downercrat.

UPDATE: Sorry, but this post is NOT from one of her supporters. It appears to be a story on this loon by someone who does think she is a loon.

Sorry for the mix-up.

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