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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Poor Alan Johnston Apparently Still Has His Head On

Poor Alan Johnston, BBC Reporter and Palestinian Friend-in-Need who has been held for two months by the subhumans he has been defending all this time, apparently has not been beheaded and is still alive.

Incredibly, this news story from Agence France Press calls these maggots "extremists." Somehow, they are only extremists when they take a leftist hostage - when they blow up innocent Jewish women and children or blow up pizza parlors, they are simply poor Palestinians wishing to gain peace.

Extremist group claims BBC newsman abduction in Gaza

GAZA CITY (AFP) - A Palestinian extremist group on Wednesday claimed to be holding a BBC journalist kidnapped nearly two months ago in Gaza and demanded the release of a radical Muslim cleric in British custody.

In an audio clip posted on an Islamic website favoured by fighters in Iraq and delivered to local journalists, the Army of Islam said it was behind the March 12 abduction of Alan Johnston, now missing for more than eight weeks.

The BBC said it was studying the contents of a tape purportedly from kidnappers of its Gaza correspondent, while the British Foreign Office announced that it was urgently investigating.

"We officially declare that the Army of Islam kidnapped the journalist Johnston," said the sound recording, whose authenticity could not be verified, but amounted to the first claim for the Briton's disappearance.

Hmmm...the AFP said something it perhaps did not mean to say: Islamic website favoured by fighters in Iraq...

That means that Palestinians are working with al Qaeda terrorists working in Iraq.

And the subhumans want a state. That's a great plan for mass murderers.

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