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Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Nuts, the Psychos, the Whackos: Another Daily Dose of the Daily Kos

The nutjobs at such sites as The Daily Kos feel that President Bush should be impeached because he allegedly lied about WMD in Iraq. Now, they feel he should be impeached because he didn't lie about trying to get former Attorney General John Ashcroft to sign off on wiretapping without court-sanctioned warrants.

The new liberal mantra: lie and be impeached (unless you are Bill Clinton), or don't lie and be impeached.

And these nuts want to be in control of this country. Holy shit, no!


Another question I'm not hearing addressed specificially: isn't GWB ordering commission of a fraud by soliciting Ashcroft's signature, when James Comey had formally assumed the duties of AG Ashcroft? Isn't there a piece of paper somewhere saying "I, John Ashcroft, surrender my constitutional authority to James Comey while I am under sedation."

Let history record that Kelly O'Donnell of NBC News was the first journalist to ask George W. Bush the question that will end his presidency.


I think we've finally pinned illegality to the president's ass. No wonder Comey stutters his way through this answer. It's like Alexander Butterfield saying Nixon had a taping system!

We need to halt the nation's business until we get an answer to this question.

If that was not funny enough, check out the backslaps from the other psycho-loons in the room reading this crappola:

The beginning of the end for him, to directly lie to the people. People get pissed. Bush left it unsaid, which is good enough for good 'publicans.

None of the Dems are steping up to make him pay for his bald face lies.

It seems to me that the Dems are building pressure and are heading in the right direction, albeit slowly. Impeachment is back on the table. [Editor's note: Where? In your puny mind?]

Jonathan Turley, the Constitutional law professor/scholar said "impeachment" on KO's show last night.

Congress needs the conscience...they have the power to begin impeachment investigation. Violations of federal law over and over. So what if Bush runs out the clock. The awareness of the people Bush's crimes is paramount.

Yes, W makes Nixon look good, but I think Gonzo and John Mitchell are on equal ground. I always thought there was something deeply sinister about John Mitchell, and still do.

Martha [Mitchell] was silenced on purpose.

I never had any doubts about that myself.

Nor did I. She was silenced. No doubt.

That's just the first few comments. If you have the stomach, hit the link and read the remaining rantings of people with severe mental problems.

Note to lunatics: that is a "bold faced lie," not a "bald face lie." And anytime a nut appears on the Fake News with Keith Dimbulbermann, that means he has a problem getting on CNN or Fox.

Never count on liberals to be smart or use common sense, because they have no brains. It's a genetic thing.

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