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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Liberal Nazis Find Gassing Lieberman to Be Fun

The psycho fruitcakes at Daily Kos - one of those sites where true bottom feeders hang out - are saying in clear sentences that they want Joe Lieberman fact, they want him gassed.

And when reminded that Jews were gassed in WWII, one nut tells everyone to "hide the comment" so others won't see it.

Nuts, fruits, and crazies: the daily dose of the Daily Kos.

Once we lock up a Majority where we don't need Lieberman, I hope they will kick him to the curb like the dog he is.

He's a much lower form of life than a dog. Weasel seems about right to describe him--if you're kind enough to afford him vertebrate status.

Lower. He's a snake in the grass.

He's not a weasel. Ghouliani hates weasels. I'm sure he loves Lieberman. Ergo- Lieberman cannot be a weasel. :D

Don't insult dogs like that. Given a choice between my dog and Lieberman, I'd gas him without thinking twice.

I know you didn't mean it that way, but a reference to gassing a Jew needs to be hidden. I hope you will join me in asking that this comment be hidden and that there will not be a pile on. I will find some other comments of yours and uprate to make up for this.

Oh please. You're being a bit hypersensitive and PC here. Dogs get gassed at animal shelters every day. I can name a bunch of other politicians I'd gas over my dog.

And liberals just cannot understand why people hate their guts.

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