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Friday, May 11, 2007

Downies in Congress See Their Favorability Ratings Plummet; Media Takes No Notice

When President Bush's job approval ratings hover at lows of around 35-40%, the media love to report this as a constant source of news and/or hilarity. "Bush's numbers are at historic lows - almost like Nixon!" they scream in juvenile-like bursts of imbecility. With the new Downie Congress, they also loved to report just how damn popular those Downies were. Bush bad! Downies good! So say the American people!

Now, the tables are turned. Because while Bush is at 35%, where he has been for over a year, Downies are now at...35%. That's right - Downies are as popular, or as unpopular, as President Bush.

The reaction of the media? "What poll? Polls? Do we still do them anymore?"

The hypocrisy of the American media is breathtaking.

Poll: Congress, Bush share low approval

People think the Democratic-led Congress is doing just as dreary a job as President Bush, following four months of bitter political standoffs that have seen little progress on Iraq and a host of domestic issues.

An AP-Ipsos poll also found that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a more popular figure than the president and her colleagues on Capitol Hill, though she faces a gender gap in which significantly more women than men support her.

The survey found only 35 percent approve of how Congress is handling its job, down 5 percentage points in a month. That gives lawmakers the same bleak approval rating as Bush, who has been mired at about that level since last fall, including his dip to a record low for the AP-Ipsos poll of 32 percent last January.

"It's mostly Iraq" plus a lack of progress in other areas, said Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla., who heads the House GOP's campaign committee. "These are not good numbers for an incumbent, and it doesn't matter if you have an 'R' or a 'D' next to your name."

Actually, there is one grand reason why the Congress, run by Downies, is sliding in popularity, and while it has some to do with Iraq, it has to do with other things, namely:

Downies have done NOTHING in four months in power.

Oh, they have passed some stuff, but not only finished bill has come out of the Congress for the President to sign. Minimum wage? Dead. Taxes? Dead. Immigration reform? Dead. Not to mention guns, prescription drugs, and other things.

The people keep asking what Downies have done in power. Since the answer is zippo, zilch, and crappola, they rate them low. That is the answer for the numbers in this poll, simple as pie.

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