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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Jacky Chirac a Crook? Don't Say That! Tell Me It Is Not So!

Nicolas Sarkozy waited one week into his administration to order raids of friends of his predecessor, Jacky "I Wanted to Save Saddam" Chirac. And what did they find? Little Jacky has a large stash of cash that he got from massive bribes.

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Raid on spy's home 'reveals details of Chirac's secret £30m bank account'

LONG-STANDING rumours that the former French president Jacques Chirac holds a secret multi-million-euro bank account in Japan appear to have been confirmed by files seized from the home of a senior spy.

Papers seized by two investigating magistrates from General Philippe Rondot, a former head of the DGSE, France's intelligence service, show Mr Chirac opened an account in the mid-1990s at Tokyo Sowa Bank, credited with the equivalent of £30 million. It is not known where the money came from, nor whether it is connected to various kick-back scandals to which Mr Chirac's name has been linked over the past decade.

Last year, Mr Chirac "categorically denied" having a bank account in Japan.

The seized documents have been described by the magistrates as "explosive" and are believed to contain copies of the former president's bank statements.

A magistrate close to the investigation told the satirical magazine Le Canard Enchaîné: "Subject to verification of the documents, there is enough material to open a new judicial investigation for breach of trust or for possession of money received from corruption. Moreover, the investigating judges have everything necessary to trace the network back to its ringleaders."

Here's hoping they arrest Jacky, and put his slimy ass in prison where he dies a la John Gotti. It is a shame they did away with capital punishment in France - it would have been fun to see Chirac get same punishment Saddam got.

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