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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Poor, poor Pallies! Such Nice People! They Don't Deserve to be Labeled as Terrorists! No Sir!

The Lebanese government seems to be in a huge fight with some (shhhh...Palestinians) who are starting a fight to take over their little country. Oh, and the Pallies are allied with al Qaeda. Some little facts the Muslims want you to forget: they usually like killing Jews and Americans and others who do not adhere to their perverted cult, but this time it is a slamdown amongst themselves.

But check out what the Lebanese think of the Palestinians who they have herded into refugee camps since 1948, and refused them the right to integrate into their own societies:

Family speaks of Fatah Islam leader

AMMAN, Jordan - Shaker Youssef al-Absi, the Palestinian who heads a shadowy militant group blamed for this week's violence in Lebanon, is not a terrorist but a nationalist who seeks an end to Israel's occupation of Palestinian lands, his family says.

But Jordanian officials insist he is an al-Qaida-linked militant, once closely allied with the slain al-Qaida in Iraq chief Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Al-Absi was sentenced to death in absentia here along with al-Zarqawi for their roles in the 2002 slaying of a U.S. aid worker and was implicated in other planned terror plots in Jordan.

"He's not a terrorist, but a man with a cause," said al-Absi's younger brother, Dr. Abdul-Razzaq al-Absi — an Amman bone surgeon.

"He wanted to see an end to Israel's occupation of Palestinian lands," the brother told The Associated Press in a telephone interview, refusing to meet for fear of retribution from the authorities.

"He always used to tell me, 'My only concern in life is Palestine and its liberation from the Israeli occupiers,'" he added.

Now check out this jaw-dropping quote on the subhuman Palestinians from a BBC story:

Refugees escape Lebanese clashes

On Monday evening, the Lebanese cabinet authorised the army to step up its efforts and "end the terrorist phenomenon that is alien to the values and nature of the Palestinian people".

All of those dead Israelis would tend to argue differently, but the BBC doesn't give a rat's shit about them. Only smelly Palestinians who contribute nothing to this world.

But, back to the thug running this "splinter" group: Darn! Shucks! He is not a terrorist, but he just wants his land back! Oh, and he hates Jews and wants to kill them!

Facts. They are pesky things. And facts and Palestinians never seem to be in the same room, ever.

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