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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Online Poll: Palestinians Want Alan Johnston Dead

You just can't please those subhuman Palestinians: you make a fool of yourself defending them, you mock their enemies, you excuse their violence against innocent men, women and children. And what do you get for it? For Alan Johnston, the scumbag pro-Palestinian "reporter" for the BBC who has defended every Palestinian move for the last several years, and who has now been kidnapped by those same Palestinians, this is what it is: in an online poll conducted in Arabic, a majority - 95% - want Johnston to be beheaded.

Loyalty is not a trait high up amongst Palestinians.

"Kill the Kafr Now!"

The fate of the BBC's Alan Johnston, held hostage in Gaza by the jihadist "Jaish al-Islam" group, was put to a vote today on the Palestinian forum al-Ommh.

It was the opinion of the vast majority of participants that Johnston should be killed, and the sooner the better.

In the discussion following the poll, comments ranged from "do the killing in coordination with al-Qaida in Iraq who have hostages of their own who need to die - the combined effect will be very good", to "mmmm, Roman [i.e. Crusader] blood is good!". One guy tried to argue that they needed a fatwa, and not just people's personal opinions - to no avail.

It is not known to us if the person who asked the question, or any of the respondents, is connected to the Jaish al-Islam in Gaza, though this is not unlikely.

Eh, me maties, it is time to get someone who is not a Palestinian sympathizer! See how they react then!

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