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Friday, May 18, 2007

White Teacher Abused by Black Students - That is Not Racism, Say the Liberals

Here's a scenario: a black teacher in a white neighborhood is abused by the worst racist taunts. When the teacher complains, she is told that the language used by the students - pure racist filth - is "part of the students' normal everyday vocabulary" and she should just toughen up and accept it. The "n" word? Accept it. Ho? That's a common word there, Imus be damned. And on and on.

Now imagine the NAACP suing on behalf of this teacher - and the school board, instead of admitting their stupidity in allowing the racist taunts to go on unpunished, challenges the teacher and only settles after the jury finds for the teacher but offers her little in the way of compensation. Imagine the media reaction to this: CNN? MSNBC? Keith Dimbulbermann, in one of his "special comments" (special as in special ed), lays all of this at the feet of George W. Bush - because, as they get stupider and stupider, liberals blame all of the world's ills on President Bush.

So, you get the picture. But here's the shocker: this did happen. But it happened in the complete opposite way - a white teacher was called every name in the book by black students at a black school, and she was told that the threats and abuse are part of everyday common black language. She sued, but only got $200,000.

Our mythical black teacher would be given awards and a healthy book contract laying out her fight against racism. The white teacher gets shit and a "good riddance" from the school board.

Black racism: the little secret blacks don't want anyone to know about.

The black and white of ‘ho’ culture

In a new twist in American race relations, a federal court has ruled that a white teacher in a predominantly African-American school was subjected to a racially hostile workplace.

The case concerned Elizabeth Kandrac, who was routinely verbally abused by black students at Brentwood Middle School in North Charleston. Their slurs make shock jock Don Imus look like a church deacon.

Nevertheless, despite frequent complaints, school officials did nothing to intervene on Kandrac's behalf, arguing that the racially charged profanity was simply part of the students' culture. If Kandrac couldn't handle cursing, school officials told her, she was in the wrong school.

Kandrac finally filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and subsequently brought a lawsuit against the Charleston County School District, the school's principal and an associate superintendent. Last fall, jurors found that the school was a racially hostile environment to teach in and that the school district retaliated against Kandrac for complaining about it.

The defendants sought a new trial, but U.S. District Judge David C. Norton recently affirmed the verdict. However, he did not support the jury's findings of $307,500 in damages for lost income and emotional distress.

Although Kandrac clearly suffered — she was suspended from her job shortly after a story about her EEOC complaint appeared in the local newspaper, and her contract was not renewed — her case didn't meet evidentiary requirements for damages. The judge said a new trial would have to determine damages, but the school district and Kandrac settled for $200,000.

Bananarama, joined by Al Sharpton and Jesse "Hymietown" Jackass, would be marching if this teacher were black. But her white skin makes her ineligible for their denunciations of racism, and their black skin allows them to remain pathetic hypocrites and liars.

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