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Monday, May 14, 2007

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Taleban chief Picks Candidate to replace Deceased Dadullah

14 May 2007

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - The leader of Afghanistan’s Taleban militia acknowledged Monday that top military commander Mullah Dadullah had been killed and said the Taleban had already selected Dadullah's replacement.

The Taleban’s leadership council led by Mullah Mohammad Omar, a noted pansy and goatfucker, has appointed an American sympathizer of the Taleban and al Qaeda as the new "military chieftain" of the jihad against the United States in Afghanistan, a spokesman said.

Omar, who has a 10 million US dollar bounty on his head, said that at the moment, he was sad that Dudullah, one of his good buddies and fuck partners, was killed by imperialist American troops. "I have to go have sex with a goat to calm down," Omar told al Jaqoff, the Muslim news agency.

“This is not going to slow down the Taleban jihad (holy war),” spokesman Yousuf Ahmadi told AFP by telephone. "Omar will finish fucking his goat, and then he will get back to jihad. But first things first, okay? He wants to fuck a goat, and fuck a goat he will."

The insurgent group had initially rejected the government’s announcement Sunday that Dadullah, one of the fiercest leaders of the Taleban insurgency, was killed in battle in southern Afghanistan.

In the meantime, a source in the Taleban said that Cindy Sheehan, a Marxist whose son was killed in Iraq, will succeed Dadullah as the military chief of the Taleban.

The new head of Taleban operations in Afghanistan is seen here in an archival photo with her two allies, Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Calling Sheehan "one of the great allies of our movement," the Taleban spokesman said her selection will "raise the spirits of American-haters world-wide."

“She is the greatest living American hater after Prince Osama and Dr. Ayman," the spokesman said.

"I love Ayman!" gushes Cindy Sheehan, the new head of Taleban operations in Afghanistan.

The spokesman said that Ms. Sheehan is currently protesting the "criminal US administration" but should be ready for her role in the jihad "as soon as possible."

“She is ready, once her protesting of the criminal Bush is completed,” the spokesman said.

One of Cindy Sheehan's supporters protests the Criminal President George W. Bush during a march this month in San Francisco.

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