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Monday, May 07, 2007

The NY Times Mocks Ronald Reagan

The NY Times, which has become the chief mouthpiece for the American-hating Left and for terrorists worldwide, has the utter gall to mock the diaries of Ronald Reagan, being published this year, as the rantings of some imbecile, calling his diary entries "a prosaic and amiably unrevealing drone in the daily ruminations of the private Reagan."

This, from a newspaper whose readership is declining daily and which has been caught numerous times either making stuff up or twisting the facts to suit a far-left ideology.

It can't get much funnier - or more ironic.

The Gipper as Diarist

Anyone hungering for historical disclosure and nuance in Ronald Reagan’s presidential diaries will have to settle for a prosaic and amiably unrevealing drone in the daily ruminations of the private Reagan. There’s a wisp of tidy news headline reader that summons Reagan the heartland radio announcer. And a tone of that’s-the-way-life-goes utterances worthy of the “Our Town” stage manager, whom the actor Reagan could intuitively play. “A haircut & then over to the Soviet embassy to sign the grief book,” the Great Communicator notes of the passing of Konstantin Chernenko as Kremlin ruler.

What is striking is the contrast with Reagan’s public power as the nation’s galvanized wordsmith. The orator who skewered the Soviet Union as “the evil empire” wonders to himself in private about why the Kremlin is so fearful of being attacked. “We ought to tell them no one here has any intention of doing anything like that.” As if sensing history watching, the diarist has the air of some safely disengaged citizen while jotting down his absolutely post-facto discovery of his close aides’ Iran-contra scheming. “This may call for resignations.”

The Left has been trying to demonize Ronald Reagan for 50 years as some numbskull bonehead. You would think that his death would end that sick perverted crap - but the Left has no respect for the living, so it is hard to see them respect the dead, either.

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