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Friday, May 04, 2007

The BBC Apologizes...For Calling Hostages "Hostages"

When Iran captured 15 British sailors and kept them prisoner, even the complete dimwits at the BBC called them what they were: hostages.

However, some Islamic assholes in England felt that such language was "anti-Iranian" and demanded an apology.

The BBC apologized faster than you can say Karl Marx is their hero.

BBC News apologises for misleading reports on Iran

The BBC internal complaints department today apologised for describing Iran as having “abducted” the 15 British sailors and marines in a news report on the 25th March. It also apologised for repeatedly referring to the British service personnel as “hostages” in news reports.

The apology, in response to complaints from the international campaign group, CASMII, failed however to offer a full explanation on how the misleading reporting was allowed to be aired or what steps are being taken to ensure that biased reporting of this kind cannot happen again. In a letter from the BBC information department on 3rd May, Katherine Tsang, attempted to justify the use of the word “abducted” by claiming “At the time, it was the very early stage of the story and information was still coming in and journalists need to provide the public with the information that they have at the time. Of course as the story developed then facts became clearer.”

Professor Abbas Edalat of CASMII said today

“We do not accept that because a story is at an “early stage” misleading reports are therefore acceptable. The BBC has a code of practice and is very aware of the power of language. Using the word “abducted” instead of “captured” and the word “hostages” instead of “detainees” is a clear example of linguistic manipulation of the facts and there are no excuses for it. We demand a full and unqualified apology from the BBC and an open investigation as to how these reports were allowed to be broadcast”.

Holy Mother of God! They said these 15 were "abducted"! They said they were "hostages"! And that is "anti-Iranian"!

Someone should find the assholes behind this group and throw them from a helicopter into the sea from 10,000 feet. And they can call that "first class."

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