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Thursday, April 19, 2007

This Just In: New Jersey Pols Proven to be Total Morons

As a state run by liberal Downies, opposed by incompetent Republicans, New Jersey is one of the worst-run and corrupt in the country. Plus, it smells like old corpses. Now, we find out that for years, the politicians in Joizy have been voting for bills and laws they never read - and now, because of their utter stupidity, the state pension system is in complete collapse.

Don't let states be run by will ruin you every time.

Senators Push for Answers on Pensions in New Jersey

State senators from both political parties said at a hearing on Wednesday that they had been shocked to learn that they had voted again and again in recent years for measures that had left the state pension in great distress, and they faulted the state treasury for failing to explain to them the risks of what they were doing.

“I had no idea we were in the company of some of the same corporations that I have condemned for not funding their pensions,” said Senator Shirley K. Turner, a Democrat from Mercer County. “And now, it seems, we’re in the same boat, and sinking.”

We say: good for these idiots. Maybe they can raise taxes to cover the shortfall...what? Joizy has some of the highest taxes in the nation?


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