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Saturday, April 21, 2007

More on Why Hillary Clinton Will Not Be Elected President...

Bill Clinton, rapist and perjurer, appeared on Larry King Dead, and told the snoring audience that his wife loves the US Senate, and will return with a smile if she is not elected President.

Best get ready for that eventuality, Hillary, because J. Edgar Hoover has a better chance of running the FBI again than you have of winning the White House.

President Clinton: Wife will be 'fine' if she loses

Former President Bill Clinton told CNN Thursday his wife, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, will have no qualms about returning to the Senate if she loses her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

"You know she's not -- some people who run for president can't wait to get out of the Senate, or out of whatever other job she's got. She loves it. She's still doing it. She's still going to her committee meetings, going to upstate New York and trying to run for president as well," Clinton told CNN's Larry King. "So, for her personally she's going to be fine regardless. I think it'd be best for the country if she were elected president, but if voters make another choice, she's a great senator, and she loves her job, and we'll have a great life."

Hey - what's this "we" shit, Billy boy? You haven't slept with your wife since your daughter was born 25 years ago, if even then.

Of course, the reasons why Hillary Clinton won't win are numerous - too numerous to list here. But here is one of them: the Rutger's Women's Basketball team, slapped by Don Imus, avoided meeting Der Hillary when she showed up at the college.

Hold on - a WOMEN'S basketball team did not want to meet Hillary Clinton? Wow!

Rutgers team skips Clinton meeting

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton finally dropped by Rutgers to meet with the school's women's basketball coach -- but the players themselves skipped the half-hour meeting, citing their studies and Imus fatigue.

Clinton had been scheduled to meet with Scarlet Knight coach C. Vivian Stringer and an assistant, and possibly some of the players, Monday to talk with them about Don Imus's "nappy-headed ho" comments.

But that sit-down was postponed due to weather and because the story seemed far less significant after the Virginia Tech killings.

Of course excuses are made, like those pesky killings in Virginia, which have no impact on this story.

If people thought that Hillary Clinton was going to be the next President - and the first woman President - you can bet those women basketball players would have marched on their knees in the snow to meet her. That they avoided her like the plague, and that the media ignored the whole story to continue to shield the public from bad news on the Hillary front, shows why her chances are better that she will become the head of al Qaeda before she is elected President.

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