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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Future Downie Appears in Major Court Case; Media Stunned at Witness' Silence

A future Downie voter has appeared in a court in Dallas, Texas, to give evidence in a civil hearing between two neighbors.

The witness was sworn in, but, like all liberals should do, had nothing to say so he clammed up. The jury was so impressed that the two sides quickly came to an agreement and the case ended.

Buddy the Donkey Appears As Witness in Dispute Between Two Neighbors in Dallas

The first witness in a lawsuit Wednesday between two neighbors was a real ass. Buddy the donkey walked to the bench and stared at the jury, the picture of a gentle, well-mannered creature and not the loud, aggressive animal he had been accused of being.

The donkey was at the center of a dispute between oilman John Cantrell and attorney Gregory Shamoun that began after Cantrell complained about a storage shed Shamoun was building in his backyard in Dallas.

He said Shamoun retaliated by bringing Buddy from his ranch in Midlothian and putting him in the backyard.

Cantrell complained of donkey noise and manure piles.

Yep, that witness is definitely a future Hillary Clinton/Osama Barama Bananarama voter. What a jackass!

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