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Friday, April 20, 2007

American Peace Worker Killed in the Philippines; Local Police Think it is "Murder"

An American peace worker disappeared last week in the Philippines. This week, her body was found in a ditch, near where Marxist rebels who are fighting the government are camped out.

The police think this is a murder. Whoa! They shouldn't make such a judgment so quickly, considering her body was only found in a ditch!

U.S. Peace Corps volunteer found dead in Philippines

MANILA (Reuters) - A U.S. Peace Corps volunteer was feared murdered in the Philippines after her body was found in a shallow grave in a remote, mountainous area on Wednesday, the police said.

Julia Campbell, 40, was last seen on April 8 in Ifugao, a province famed for its rice terraces about 160 miles north of Manila. She planned to hike in a hilly area near Batad village.

Soldiers uncovered her body close to the village after a 10-day search. Her feet were protruding from the soil.

"Theory is she was killed," Beth Cedo, a spokeswoman for the police, said in a mobile phone text message.

Wow! Inspector Clouseau couldn't have done it any better!

And, this just in: London police believe that a string of prostitutes found dead in the East End in 1888 with their throats slit are the victims of a serial killer named Jack the Ripper. They have ruled out suicide as the reason for the deaths.

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