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Friday, April 06, 2007

Senator Ken Salazar Breaks with Downercrats...And the Media Ignores the Story

Senator Ken Salazar, a first term Downercrat from Colorado, is a liberal who sticks with his party most of the time. But he is breaking from the Harry Reid-Chris Dodd-Wuss Feingold wing who want to yank the rug from under the feet of our troops in Iraq. In a letter, Salazar says he will vote for a clean funding bill for the troops.

And this got airplay...where?

Sen. Salazar Splits with Dems on Iraq Troop Funds

Colorado Senator Ken Salazar is breaking with Democratic party leadership, saying Congress should not cut funding for the war in Iraq while U.S troops are still there.

Salazar, who is viewed as one of the more moderate Democrats in the Senate is also criticizing President Bush, saying the president has worsened "the extreme partisan divide" on the Iraq War issue by questioning Democrats' support for the troops.

On Friday, Salazar released the text of a letter he sent Bush and key Senate Democrats, which said -quote- "I do not believe that we can or should cut funding for our troops in Iraq or Afghanistan while we anticipate that our troops will be in harm's way."

Salazar is a first-term Democrat who often stakes out independent positions on major issues.

He says Bush and Congress must find common ground on Iraq so they can also address other key issues.

If the Downercrats lose Salazar, and they have already lost Joe Lieberman, we now have a majority of the US Senate that does not want the defeatist surrender bill passed by both Houses.

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