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Sunday, March 04, 2007

The BBC Asks: Why War Against Poor Iran?

Yep, the BBC is questioning why the US has evidence of Iran sending weapons into Iraq.

And, the "analysis" comes from Paul Reynolds, one of the most virulent anti-American scumbag working for the BBC.

US claims against Iran: why now?

In a briefing in Baghdad on Sunday, US military and intelligence officers finally laid out their evidence.

The question has to be asked as to why it has taken at least 14 months for this to happen.

So, why now?

If you take the claims at face value, the reason is that only now has the evidence become substantial enough to be made public. The number of attacks is said to have grown as well, so that is another explanation put forward for going public now. A trend has been identified about which information should be given.

According to this position, there is nothing sinister about the timing of the claim. It is the result of an evidence-based process which has only now reached the stage of producing a result. And after all, reporters have been asking for this evidence for months.

There are other possibilities as well.

Perhaps we just want to start a war with Iran. Right?

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