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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hillary Clinton: Nuts, Insane, or Bullshit Artist?

The question keeps on arising: is Hillary Clinton just a bad liar, or does she believe the crappola she talks about?

Case in point: this past week, a 101 year old woman was mugged, and the grainy footage of the attack has outraged everyone from New York City, where the mugging occured, to all parts of the country.

NYC Livid Over Attack on Woman, 101

Here's a tip for the guy who beat up a 101-year-old woman in a walker and took off with her purse: Get out of New York.

The vicious mugging, caught on surveillance tape, has sparked outrage in a city where people are accustomed to hearing about strange and violent crimes. Police have launched an all-out manhunt, but it's not just the cops who want the villain's head.

"I could hold him, and let the woman beat him up," said Joe Sarju, 59, who lives in the Queens neighborhood where the attack occurred. "I'd love to beat him, but then they would lock me up."

The heartlessness of the March 4 attack is clearly conveyed on the grainy, black-and-white videotape, which has now been broadcast well beyond New York.

In it, 101-year-old Rose Morat is trying to leave her apartment building to go to church. The mugger, a man who looms over the senior citizen and is holding onto a bicycle, pretends to help her get through the vestibule.

Then, he turns to grab Morat's head and delivers three hard punches to her face, and swipes her purse. The dazed victim tries to reach for her purse when the mugger hits her again, pushing her and her walker to the ground.

He got away with $33 and Morat's house keys. She suffered a fractured cheekbone and spent time in the hospital. The attack didn't break Morat's spirit, though: She has said in the days since that if she had been just a bit younger, she would have gone after the guy.

"I'm a very strong woman," she said. "I've been that way my whole life."

A horrible story, yes - but what does this have to do with Hillary Clinton? This: we have said that the Left is so unhinged that they will blame President Bush for every act under the sun.

Now, Hillary Clinton shows how unhinged she is (and there was no doubt before this) when she blames President Bush for the mugging.

Someone should throw a pie at this delusional woman for this crap. Seriously.

Card Sharp! 101-yr.-old victim can't talk to DA - because of a canasta tourney!

The vicious mugging caught the attention of Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.), who made it a part of her presidential campaign yesterday, blaming President Bush's cuts to community policing programs for recent spikes in crime and rising fear.

"We had a horrible mugging the other day in New York City. A 101-year-old woman in her walker was attacked," Clinton told the National League of Cities conference in Washington. "That was on the front page of our papers. Imagine how that makes every widow living alone, every older person, everybody [feel]."

"We've got to get back to making crime reduction a No. 1 objective in our country," she said.

What we need to do is to arrest a former President and his wife for selling this country down the river, and stealing from the White House and the office of the President. That doesn't mention obstruction of justice and perjury.

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