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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Is Osama Barama Stupid? Or is He just Naive Beyond Imagination?

When Dan Quayle was Vice President, the morons in the American media held their breath each day waiting for him to say something, anything, that they deemed "stupid" so they could call him stupid and mock him. It was their national hobby to do this for four full years.

For some reason - we could guess why - the American media seems to have forgotten their zest and zeal in waiting for politicians to make mistakes of any kind...and they definitely don't want to point out the problems Downies have on a daily basis. When Hillary Clinton does a speech in a fake southern voice, the story is ignored. Joe Biden mocks Indians in Maryland, and there is loud silence. Nancy Pelosi blinks like a deer caught in the headlights? Sorry - no story here.

Now steps forward our favorite Manchurian candidate, Barack Obama, or, as Ted Kennedy calls him, Osama Barama, er, Barama Osama, Barama Barama. Appearing on Larry King Died on CNN this past Monday, Obama made some of the most foolish comments of an alleged US Senator - yet, because the American media is in love with a black man running for President, the story went no where.

Check out these comments - and don't laugh.


KING: When you opposed it, you could not have known that there were no weapons of mass destruction, so therefore even if there were, you'd have been against this war?

OBAMA: No, I -- I just -- I said very explicitly I thought the evidence for weapons of mass destruction were flimsy. I did not think that the administration had made the case that there were weapons of mass destruction that would cause an imminent threat to the United States. And keep in mind, that was the justification for us going into this war. I did not think that the administration was justified in mentioning mushroom clouds and the fact that if we didn't get in there right away, it might be too late.

We had the opportunity, I think, to forge an international coalition around some very tough inspections, because there's no doubt that Saddam Hussein posed a long-term threat to us. And I think the world generally recognized that he was somebody who had already invaded Kuwait once, who was mistreating and abusing his people, that he was somebody who needed to be incapacitated.

You know that you are dealing with a moron when he tells you that something is wrong and bad but that the reasons behind it are right. Saddam was no threat, he had no WMD, yet he was a threat that had to be dealt with. And he needed to be "incapacitated"? What does that mean? How do you deal with a Saddam Hussein unless you invade Iraq? Obama does not tell us, perhaps because he is stupider than a stalk of celery.

Presidential thinking, for sure.

More from Der Imbecile:

KING: Senator Obama, you disagree with that. He says it would be devastating to leave now. You say no.

Why not?

OBAMA: Well, first of all, I don't know anybody who's been talking about packing up and going home.

Mr. Obama, meet Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha, and Wuss Feingold.

Senator Obama needs to clean the shit out of his ears, and fast.

KING: Senator Clinton has said if she were president, she would leave some troops in Iraq to fight al Qaeda, much after the rest come home.

What do you think?

OBAMA: You know, I'm not familiar exactly with what Senator Clinton's proposal is, so I don't want to characterize that.

It is hard to argue with a man who is so stupid that he does not know what his opponent is saying.


KING: The former chairman, John Shalikashvili, who was a frequent guest on this show, was for it at the start and now came out against don't ask, don't tell.

Are you against don't ask, don't -- would you change that by executive order if president?

OBAMA: I agree with General...

KING: Shalikashvili.

OBAMA: Help me out here. Shalikashvili.

This man wants to be President, and he has no idea who General John Shalikashvili is or was. Holy shit, Batman!

OBAMA: When people talk about this campaign, they ask me why it is that we're generating so much excitement. I say it's not me. It's not me that's generating interest and excitement. It's the American people waking up after a long slumber and making a determination that we can have a better America.

The American people must be insane if they support any chance for this man to get any where near the White House.

Obama is a doofus, an inexperienced and naive man who should not be running for President. He should be at home studying his ABCs.

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