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Saturday, March 17, 2007

A BBC Palestinian Sympathizer Gets His Comeuppance

For those of you paying attention to the latest hilarious deeds of those subhumans called the Palestinians, this week they kidnapped a BBC reporter named Alan Johnston. To put it bluntly, Mr. Johnston is one of the Palestinians' greatest friends in the journalism biz, making sure to sugar-coat and candy-coat every story to make it appeear as if these pieces of human refuse are the victims of some terrible plot - and, at the same time, he makes Israel to be the grand villain. If only those damn Israelis would just surrender to the Arabs who hate them, all would be well and the Middle East would be at peace.

Reading one of Mr. Johnston's stories, one must laugh at the heavy irony in the fact that those wonderful people he sympathized with have taken him hostage.

Alan Johnston on the front line

In Iraq an abduction can end in the most brutal murder. But fortunately Gaza is not Iraq, nothing like it. So far, all the foreigners kidnapped here have been freed quite quickly and unharmed.

Often they have been used as bargaining chips, a way for a group of gunmen to get attention.

Gaza is awash with bands of militants: the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, the Jenin Brigade, the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigade and so on.

They used to attack the occupying Israeli troops and settlers. But the settlements were abandoned in the autumn when the army pulled out, and now the boys from the Brigades find themselves with time on their hands.

They want proper jobs in this poverty-stricken place, and usually they want to be allowed to join the security services. It is ironic really. Gaza is the only place in the world where your kidnapper's one demand is that he should be allowed to become a policeman.

And the kidnap craze has thrown up moments of black humour.

There you go: if only we could get some work for these terrorists, then something good might happen. The same reasoning comes that if you pile enough manure in one place, something might grow. It might not be good, and it might smell really awful, but at least something is growing.

One never wishes for any harm to come to anyone, but if anyone surely deserves to have his head lopped off by his favorite Islamic psychopaths, it is the lovely Mr. Johnston.

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