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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Is Hillary Clinton Nuts? Or is She Just a Fruitcake?

Earlier this week, we said that Hillary Clinton was a bullshit artist. That may be an understatement. The question now is: is she nuts, or a fruitcake?

Here are two stories guaranteed to make you consider that she is one or the other, or, even scarier, is both.

First, Madame Loony says that she is "the JFK of the 2008 election."

JFK is brainless and dead, and so is Hillary.


Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton invoked the campaign of the nation's lone Catholic president, John Kennedy, last night as she talked about her challenge in becoming the first female commander-in-chief.

"He was smart, he was dynamic, he was inspiring and he was Catholic. A lot of people back then [1960] said, 'America will never elect a Catholic as president,' " the White House hopeful told the New Hampshire Democrats' 100 Club fund-raiser here.

So, Hillary Clinton says that JFK was smart, dynamic, inspiring, and a Catholic. So that means she has one of these four characteristics. She is a Catholic!

Of course, when Hillary is not claiming she will "take" oil company profits or end the ban on gays in the military, she threatens everyone with her Marxist-inspired "HillaryCare" nightmare of national health care. It appears that since the braindead American media is in her corner, she can make statements like the following and not get laughed out of the presidential race:

Walter Reed Highlights Need for Universal Healthcare

Democrat presidential contender Sen. Hillary Clinton today decried the allegedly poor conditions, stifling bureaucracy and negligent care at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and throughout the VA healthcare system, but added, “Just think how bad it would be if it weren’t a government run system.”

As military patients and their spouses testified before a Senate panel about vermin-infested, moldy rooms, neglect and miles of red tape, Sen. Clinton told reporters, “This crisis serves only to highlight our desperate need for a tax-funded, government-managed universal healthcare system for all Americans.”

“When I’m president,” she said, “I’ll give the average American the same excellent quality of care we now provide for our nation’s heroes…but without the rats, mold and bureaucracy. I’ll sign legislation outlawing that kind of inefficiency, mismanagement and public employee apathy.”

There's the laugh: Walter Reed is bad, but without the government it would be worse...which ignores the fact that as a government facility it is accountable to no one. Then, in the next breath, she wants to bring this same level of care to the average American. Rat-atooie stew for lunch, Mr. and Mrs. Patient?

But better than that, Hillary says she will "sign legislation outlawing inefficiency." Of course, Lenin and Stalin tried that and failed.

Here's our take: if you want a Marxist health care system, for heaven's sake make this woman President. Then dig a hole to protect yourself when the shit flies in all directions.

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