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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Chuck Hagel to Run for President - He Should be Arrested, Not Applauded

The Criminal Chuck Hagel, US Senator and Republican, who has been as friendly to the United States in the war in Iraq as the terrorists have been, says he will announce this coming Monday that he will run for President.

God help us. He should be arrested for treason, not lauded by the scumbags in the American media.

Hagel expected to declare '08 bid

Nebraska's Chuck Hagel, the Senate Republican most outspoken in opposition to President Bush's March 2003 decision to invade Iraq, is expected to announce Monday that he will make a bid for the Republican Party's presidential nomination.

Mr. Hagel's candidacy could refocus the presidential contest debate, adding his Iraq doubts to those of former Virginia Gov. James S. Gilmore III, currently the only prominent Republican in the race who has been skeptical about the basis of the war from the beginning.

The question on nearly every Republican's lips yesterday was whether Mr. Hagel can raise the $100 million-plus that campaign analysts say will be needed by the end of this year to be a serious 2008 nomination contender.

"Hagel has a strong conservative record and great campaign skills, and if he could raise money, he could be a serious competitor," said Charles Black, who has advised every Republican presidential campaign in the past 31 years. "But his opposition to the president on the Iraq war would deny him access to the great majority of primary voters. Most of them support Bush on Iraq."

Luckily, it appears that Hagel has as much chance of being elected President as Abraham Lincoln does of coming back to life.

What the Republicans of Nebraska need to do is find a suitable candidate to challenge Hagel when he comes up for re-election to his Senate seat. Perhaps we can get a two-fer: he can lose the Presidential race and then lose his Senate seat. It is certainly worth a try.

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