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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Watch Out: Here Come the Downercrats, Reaching into Your Wallet!

We warned everyone: if the Downies get control of Congress, they will jack up taxes, and find ways to "redistribute wealth" from the rich to the poor, which, in the end, will destroy the American economy.

They are in power 3 weeks, and already they are starting down that road.

Democrats Vow to Combat Global Warming

Democratic leaders in Congress vowed today to push forward with legislative efforts to combat global warming and promote energy independence, issues that they said have not been adequately addressed by President Bush because his administration has been "overwhelmed" by the war in Iraq.

Yep - Bush is "ignoring" global warming because of Iraq. Yep - that's the ticket.

But, check out the rest of this pile of crap called the Downie Program for Destroying America:

"It is important to our children's health and their global competitiveness to rid this nation of our dependence on foreign oil and Big Oil interests," Pelosi told the news conference today. "Taking bold measures today to achieve energy independence within 10 years must be the highest priority for this Congress."

She said the Democratic-controlled House would work with the global religious, business and scientific communities to "continue robust research on global warming and produce policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously creating good-paying jobs."

Democrats want to work with Bush on this issue in a bipartisan way, "but we cannot afford to wait," she said. She pledged passage of "groundbreaking legislation that addresses global warming and energy independence."

Reid said that America's "dangerous dependence on oil" is among a number of national security challenges that have not been adequately confronted "because this administration has been all-consumed and, frankly, overwhelmed by its own failed policies in Iraq."

Message from Pelosi: Sign into law our bills that ruin the economy, or we will do something drastic.

Remember: we warned you about this bunch of nutjobs.

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