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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

USA Today: Hillary Clinton is a "War Hero"

When Bill Clinton was President, the media tried not to remind anyone that he was a draft-dodger, despite the fact that he sent American military men and women into battle. When George W. Bush, who served in the Air National Guard and could have been sent to Vietnam, sends troops into battle, the media mentions how he never saw action himself. Even CBS News, and their former retard/newscaster Dan Blather falsified a story that Bush was a "deserter," complete with forged documents. Hypocrisy 101 at its finest.

Now comes Hillary Clinton, whose attempt to make the US health care system into a Marxist nightmare was shot down by the American people, to run for President. Hillary, like her husband, had never served one day in the US military. However, for some reason, the media is changing its rules back once again - because, now, Hillary Clinton is a "war hero."

Which war? None that we can tell.

How 'mamisma' can change politics

Hillary Clinton might remind us that she was an early champion of health care reform and that she suffered attacks from all sides for it. Advisers may warn candidate Clinton to sidestep this chapter in her past. But if she were to forget this advice and follow the rules of mamisma, she would promote the fact that surviving the onslaught is her war-hero record. McCain, too, fought in an unpopular and losing war.

That's the American media: Bill Clinton is NOT a draft dodger, even though he was. George W. Bush is a "deserter," even though he served. Hillary Clinton is a "war hero" like John McCain for having worked to destroy American health care.

Buckle up, America, for the largest onslaught of unadulterated horseshit as the MSM tries to convince you to vote Downie, while telling you that up is down and red is blue.

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