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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

US Attack in Somalia Leaves al-Qaeda Suspects Dead; Arab League Gets Upset

In attacking the Union of Islamic Court members who are running for their lives (which they call "a strategic withdrawal") in Somalia, it appears that the United States killed one of the most wanted al-Qaeda members still at large.

U.S. reportedly targeted 20 in Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Ethiopia's prime minister said Wednesday the U.S. military targeted 20 high-level members of an Islamic movement linked to al-Qaida in an airstrike this week in southern Somalia, attacking quickly before the Islamists could escape.

The chief of staff for the Somali president claimed that a senior al-Qaida figure was killed in Monday's airstrike, although U.S. officials did not confirm it.

The air assault has been criticized internationally, with the African Union, European Union and United Nations among those expressing concern. But British Prime Minister Tony Blair told lawmakers it was right to stand up to extremists who were using violence to "get their way" in Somalia.

Aw, shit - concern! We express concern! Don't kill those Muslim terrorists! Don't harm the Muslim fanatics! Please! Have some mercy on them!

Of course, the most hilarious bullshit comes from the sick fucks at The Arab League ("Representing Muslim Assholes Since Who Knows When"), who mourn, cry, and agitate at the thought of some of their fellow Islamic terrorist brethren being sent to Mohammed's hell.

US attack in Somalia killed innocents-Arab League

CAIRO, Jan 10 (Reuters) - The Arab League said on Wednesday U.S. military action in Somalia had killed "many innocent victims" and demanded that Washington refrain from such attacks.

Somali officials said U.S. and Ethiopian aircraft struck new targets in Somalia on Wednesday as they hunted al Qaeda suspects and defeated Islamist fighters.

But U.S. officials said there had been no new U.S. air strikes in Somalia since an operation on Monday, and Ethiopia's Prime Minister Meles Zenawi also said there had been only one U.S. air attack with no civilian casualties.

U.S. government sources said U.S. ally Ethiopia, which defeated Islamist forces in a lightning war last month, had conducted further air strikes since Monday.

In Cairo, the Arab League's Assistant Secretary-General Ahmed Ben Hilli said: "We demand that these strikes which now target civilians and led to the killing of many innocent victims be stopped."

"There was no U.N. Security Council authorisation for the U.S. forces to hit Somali areas," he told reporters.

Ben Hilli also criticised the interim Somali government for backing the air strikes. "We'd hoped they'd care about for the sovereignty of their country ... instead of calling for foreign intervention," he said.

Someone should send a letter to Ben Hilli, or Ben Chilli, or whatever the fuck his name is: Up your fucking Muslim ass, imbecile. And drop dead while you are at it.

There - that sounds better.

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