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Monday, January 29, 2007

Nancy Pelosi's Corruption Continues

The MSM in America is in a love affair with Nancy Pelosi - after all, she is the first female Speaker of the US House, and she blinks 2000-3000 times a second, meaning that you can smell the smoke coming from her thinking processes.

Just last week, we reported that Madame Shrieker, er, Speaker, helped insert into the Downies' minimum wage bill an exemption for American Samoa, which has plants whose corporate headquarters are in San Francisco, Pelosi's home district. When it was pointed out to Pelosi, at first she feigned lack of knowledge about the exemption, then said it would be pulled.

As of this week, Downies tried to push it through the US Senate...with the exemption intact.

Nancy Pelosi lied? Shock of shocks!

Senate's wage bill still exempts Samoa

The Democrat-controlled Senate took up a bill yesterday that would raise the minimum wage across the United States and its territories but exempt American Samoa, where tuna canneries pay workers $3.26 an hour.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters less than two weeks ago that she would close the loophole after coming under criticism from Republicans for what they termed a "fishy favor" to StarKist Tuna. StarKist has lobbied for years against raising the minimum wage in American Samoa, and its parent, Del Monte Corp., is based in Mrs. Pelosi's San Francisco district.

"I have asked the education and labor committee as they go forward with the legislation to make sure that all of the territories have to comply with U.S. law on the minimum wage," Mrs. Pelosi said earlier this month.

The House, however, passed the minimum-wage bill with the American Samoa exemption. And yesterday, Senate Democrats were moving ahead with the original legislation, which for the first time would enforce the minimum wage on the Northern Mariana Islands, another territory in the Pacific with a similarly low minimum wage.

That bill is co-sponsored by several dozen Democrats, including Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer of California.

However, here is some good news: the bill has been filibustered in the US Senate by the Republicans. And this makes the Downies steaming mad.

Fuck them.

Senate Republicans block minimum wage hike

Senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked a Democratic bill to increase the federal minimum wage for the first time in a decade, demanding it first include small-business tax relief.

On a vote of 54-43, Democrats fell six short of the 60 needed to end debate and go to passage of the House-passed measure, which would raise the minimum wage to $7.25 per hour from $5.15 per hour over two years.

Republicans demanded tax breaks be added to the legislation to help small business cover the proposed pay hike for millions of America's lowest paid workers. Senate Democratic leaders have indicated they would be willing to go along with some sort of tax relief if necessary to win approval.

But Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts led the charge against attaching tax breaks to the bill, saying in the past decade the U.S. Congress has provided billions of dollars in tax relief to corporations and the wealthiest Americans.

"Why can't we do just one thing for minimum wage workers? No strings attached, no giveaways for the powerful?," Kennedy asked.

You can see the dementia from the nutbag like Ted Kennedy, who thinks that small business owners who employ only a few workers but create most of the new jobs in this countrt are "the powerful."

We are glad to see the Republicans block this bad bill, for whatever reason. Let's see how long it takes before the liberal media assholes characterize the filibuster, used by Downies to excess, as "arcane" and "blocking good legislation."

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